Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) make it easy for you to find answers to your most pressing inquiries into the School of Education. If you can't find your answer here, please feel free to contact us or use our site search to find the information you need.
How do I enrol my child (ren)?
Follow the admission steps here.
What subjects will my child study?
IESA offers a wide variety of subjects strictly under Cambridge Curriculum, enriched with UCMAS. Nursery, Primary, Junior High and Senior High School curriculum can be found here.
What is the parent's role?
In the IESA environment, the parent acts as a Learning Coach who facilitates progress through daily lessons. Suggested weekly lesson plans are provided, which update automatically as the child progresses. The lesson plans can be varied to accommodate the child's pace or abilities. A wide array of practical advice, tips, and substantial support is always available.
In the high school program, the parent still plays an important supportive role to help the student stay on task and ensure follow-through on his or her assignments. During high school, though, the student is expected to start managing his or her own time and academic schedule more directly. Parents are advised to attend every meeting the school organises.
What is IESA’s education standards?
The IESA standard of Education is based on Cambridge Syllabus, designed to exceed national and worldwide standards. With our team of unified and harmonized teachers, our goal is to provide children with an education that is comparable or superior to that provided by the nation’s best public and private schools.
Is IESA accredited?
Yes, IESA is accredited by Standards and Testing Agency (STA) with the National Ministry of Education, Côte d’Ivoire approved decision number 950/MEN/CAB/DEEP of 18/01/2016.
There are so many English schools in Abidjan, why do I choose IESA?
IESA provides a broad based academic and extra-curricular activities for our students. With our academic methods and well trained staff, IESA offers a harmonious and a secured environment for our students. We provide all the necessary platforms for our students to exhibit their talents and socialize.
What is the academic calendar for IESA?
The academic year usually runs from September to June with breaks and holidays. There are three (3) terms in general. First term which runs from September to December, Second term from January to March and Third term from April to June.
Does IESA write any external examinations?
Yes, IESA writes various examinations at various levels. Grade 6 writes Cambridge Checkpoint, Grade 10 Cambridge IGCSE and G12 Cambridge A/AS Level.
Does IESA provide scholarships?
Yes, IESA provide a 100% full scholarship on tuition for the overall best student with the highest average at the end of every academic year. This award is dedicated in memory of our late student, Emmanuel Njankoua Wandji.
Does IESA provide canteen/food services for students?
IESA provides nutritious and wide range of food for our students under the canteen services. The canteen service provides ONLY LUNCH. Breakfast should be provided by parents. Find out more here.
Will the school accept to pick my child to and from school?
Yes, IESA’s transportation services is one of the various reasons why we are unique. With our well experienced and careful drivers, we offer secured and reliable transport services for all students leaving closer or farer from the school premises. Find out more here.
What are the school hours per day for your school?
IESA school days are from Mondays to Fridays. School hours vary depending on level. Nursery school: 8 am to 1:00 pm, Primary: 8 am to 3:00 pm and High School: 8 am to 4 p.m.
Does IESA have any online study support for students?
Yes. IESA has an online study portal called Education City, which offers extra exercises and homework for students. With an easy and user friendly user interface, Education City can be accessed online via PC or a tablet.
Does IESA provide extra curricular activities?
Yes. IESA provides extra-curricular activities for our students which ranges from swimming, Taekwondo, Tennis, etc. Find out more here.

Registrations and re-registrations

Registrations and re-registrations are open for the 2016/2017 academic year untill 15th June, 2016.
Please note that registrations and re-registrations will stop earlier once the quota of students per class has been achieved.
Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to register their child (ren) without delay.
Visit link for the various steps of admission and re-registration.

Thank you.