To subscribe for any of the scool services during the academic year, kindly download the School Services Form.


IESA’s Canteen service is leased to a private company, “Delices d’Akabo”, which already provides the national administration School (ENA) and several other schools.

This company was chosen in compliance with the standards of quality, hygiene and cleanliness.

IESA also conducts regular quality control inspections and audits to ensure the standards are being met.

“Delices d’Akabo” designs a healthy and Nutritious Menu.
The menu includes delicious pizza, burgers, pastas, soups, salads, sandwiches and rolls, plus a range of African and European Foods.

Food is certified "halal" and pork is not served.

Registrations and re-registrations

Registrations and re-registrations are open for the 2016/2017 academic year untill 15th June, 2016.
Please note that registrations and re-registrations will stop earlier once the quota of students per class has been achieved.
Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to register their child (ren) without delay.
Visit link for the various steps of admission and re-registration.

Thank you.